Full Service Family Salon

Curl Up & Dye is a FULL SERVICE FAMILY SALON. We do Men, Women and Kids! We have a fire engine chair and a real saddle chair for the kids to sit in. We do all types of haircuts, including razor cuts. Everything from flat tops and fades to long layers and A lines, and everything in between. We do all forms of color. The "Zotos" color we use covers grey better and fades less then any color I've ever used. We do everything we can to meet all of your color needs. Anything from a basic root touch up to High lights and Low lights or a drastic changes, whatever you want or need. We LOVE CRAZY COLORS, we carry Pravana vivids and the new pastels. Pravana outlasts anything that has been on the market before. If you can think it up one of us can probably do it. If you have an idea but no picture we have a program that you can add color to a picture of yourself. A couple of us even do corrective color. No matter how bad you think it is we can PROBABLY fix it. We can NOT quote actual color prices over the phone, we must see your hair.

We also do perms of all kinds. In today's age of straight styles, people with fine hair like myself, think there's no way to have the body of a perm, with the straight look at the same time. The fact is a perm does the same thing for a straight style as it does when you use a curling iron. So all of us who used to get teased for perming our hair so that then we could blow dry and curl it. Well it's time to let them tease you again ladies, because that 'straight style' you just can't get even though you were born with stick straight hair, is only a perm and a flat iron away. Are you one of those people with super naturally curly hair, that has a mind of its own and god forbid it rains after you have left the house. Or you just keep it up because, quite frankly you gave up on it behaving a long time ago, little lone actually do a straight style. most hair healthy enough for a perm can have curl added tightened, or loosened. People always think of a perm making your hair super curly where in fact because it breaks down bonds in your hair then reforms those bonds around the perm rod, we can reform the bonds to ANY size, bigger or smaller, or just redirect them so they lay nice and in the same direction.

If you like us on Facebook we will give you a complimentary glass of wine or a beer when you come in. We will run "RANDOM" specials on facebook. THEY ARE GOING TO BE GREAT SPECIALS worth checking out. For example, we'll do $5.00 off haircuts one day or $10.00 off gel polish. Whatever amuses us and is fun will be the RANDOM special. It will never be less than $5.00 off and sometimes the savings will be much larger! We will put on super great ones some times, just to keep it fun. The only way you will be able to see our "RANDOM" specials, is to "like" us on Facebook. If you don't have Facebook you still get the complimentary beverage.